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Neosho Freeman Family YMCA

Neosho, MO

Women On Weights (W.O.W.)

Women on Weights is a six-week program designed to boost your workout through use of the YMCA's free weights. Often times no knowing or understanding how to use equipment can be the biggest obstacle that stands between you and your fitness goal. We want you to feel comfortable in a weight room and use the equipment to your advantage.

Through the program you will learn about the free weight room space. Things such as weight room etiquette, proper technique, the language associated with lifts as well as the set up of a lifting program will be acquired during the program. After the 6-week program, you will have the capacity to customize your lifts with the foundation that is created during Women on Weights.

WHEN: October 2018
WHERE: Neosho Freeman YMCA
COST: $25 Members Only

Max of 10 participants, Minimum of 4
This program is for YMCA members only

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Contact Sarah Sonis for more information